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The Vault is part of the economy in Magic: The Gathering Arena.

Each time a player receives a fifth copy of a card as a reward from quests, events or opening a pack, a certain amount of Vault Progress Points are added to the Vault — instead of adding the fifth copy to the collection. The amount of Vault Progress Points depends on the rarity of the received card.

Rarity Points
Common 1
Uncommon 3


Vault rewards

Once a player reaches 1000 Progress Points the Vault can be opened and rewards

Vault Progress

Vault ready to be opened
(screenshot from closed beta)

Currently the Vault progress can not be viewed in-game (October 2020). The Vault only becomes visible when it can be opened (1000/1000 points).

Players can check their progress by looking at the game's log file:

  1. Go to the game options (icon top right shaped like a gear).
  2. Click "Report a Bug".
  3. Click "Capture Log".
  4. Open the displayed .htm file with a text editor.
  5. Search for the term "vaultProgress":.
  6. The number after this term is the current progress (percent).

The vault progress can also be found on windows under C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\LocalLow\Wizards Of The Coast\MTGA in the output_log.txt file and searching for "vaultProgress".

When vault progress cannot be found: Make sure you have "Detailed Logs" enabled. This can be enabled under "View Account" in the options menu. Restart MTGA and repeat the step listed above.

Please note: this procedure is not part of the official gameplay. Perform the steps above at your own risk.

Vault progress can be over 100%. Excess progress points will not be lost if a player decides to not open the Vault immediately. It is therefore possible to open the Vault several times consecutively. Opening the Vault simply subtracts 1000 points from the total amount of progress points.


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