Draconis2000 Draconis2000 28 March 2018

MTGA Starter Deck Primer: The Brazen Coalition

Welcome back to our second of ten articles about the Pre Constructed decks in Magic: The Gathering Arena. Today we are going to continue our way through the aggressive strategies and talk about The Brazen Coalition. Red-Black Pirates.

If you read the last article about Boros Assault (which you can find here) then you’ll know that Boros was about as SMOrc as it gets. While the this R/B deck is rather aggressive, having a few keys cards slows it down a bit and gives it a little more staying power.

The purpose of The Brazen Coalition is to use a bunch of cheap aggressive pirates backed by some evasion (keywords like menace or flying that make it difficult to block) and removal spells (non-creature cards that kill an opposing creature) to chip i…

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Draconis2000 Draconis2000 26 March 2018

MTGA Pre-con Primer: Boros Assault

Hello everyone. Now that the NDA has been lifted from MTGA and the wipe has occurred, we’ve all been gifted 10 starter decks, 12 booster packs and the will to play as much as we can.

I’ll be breaking down these 10 decks to help you choose which one you’d like to spend a little time upgrading and what kind of upgrades you should be looking into to suit your playstyle and deck. I’ve separated these 10 decks into aggressive, midrange, and control strategies and will have a corresponding article for each deck. We’ll be going from most aggressive to most controlling.

Before we jump into the most popular archetype on the ladder, I should mention, my main advice to winning the most on the ladder is to play with all of the preconstructed decks that …

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Draconis2000 Draconis2000 19 December 2017

There is Nothing Wrong with Standard: (Kind Of)

   For the past few months, the larger tournament scene has been dominated by ' and '. The mana bases of Energy decks and the raw efficiency of the threats that they get to play have catapulted our current metagame into mid-range mirrors while tournament competitors watch over their shoulders for Ramunap Red and a variety of “Tier 2” and “Tier 3” strategies. Thus emerges a “Best Deck” meta.

   When WotC designs a set, they intend the design for both the limited and standard formats. They try to put enough intricacy into the cards and interactions that seasoned magic players can’t “solve” the format within a few weeks while also not putting too much complexity in the set to deter newer players from picking up the game. The more interesting i…

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