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I'm currently on a wiki hiatus.
If you need help, please, contact one of the admins.

Welcome to my profile page!

HolyCrap_WOTF's the name, but HC, Holy, HolyHotTamales, Crabbers, Sir Craps, Silent Guardian (OMD), Insane Overlord (CGB twitch stream) or simply "yo dude" will do just fine. Started this wiki in August, 2017 and since then enjoyed editing, expanding, tweaking, learning wiki text and a bunch more fun stuff.

You might even know me from the Magic Duels Wiki.

Here's some personal information:

  • wiki-editing enthusiast
  • "Eater-of-Pixels" (Photoshop)
  • looking forward to the Arena beta ;)
  • played Duels from day one (Steam, very little on iOs)
  • played MtG since 199X
  • english, german, google-fu

I'm pretty much open to anything. Wiki-related, Arena, Duels, Magic, simply chat. Need help? Just ask away!

Feel free to leave me some lines on my wiki message wall.
You can also contact me on discord and very occasionally you can find me on reddit.

Cheers! :D