Name Tournament Grounds
Converted Mana Cost 0
Types Land
Text Mana Tap: Add Color C.

Mana Tap: Add Color R, Color W, or Color B. Spend this mana only to cast a Knight or Equipment spell.

Flavor No one knows when the tournament began. All they know is that it will never end.
Expansion ELDU Throne of Eldraine
Rarity Uncommon
Tournament Grounds
Card rulings (?)
2019-10-04 Mana produced by the second ability of Tournament Grounds can’t be spent to activate abilities, including equip abilities.
2019-10-04 If an effect refers to a “[subtype] spell,” it refers only to a spell that has that subtype. For example, Knights’ Charge is a card with “Knight” in its name and benefits Knights, but it isn’t a Knight card.
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