There are three ways that you can submit a deck to the Magic Arena Wiki. In all three methods submitting a deck is a two step process.

  1. First you must create your deck using one of the methods below.
  2. Then you must add it to the deck lists using the Deck List Editor. If you don't add your deck to the deck lists then nobody will see it.

The methods of creating a deck are listed in order of difficulty, easiest first.

Import icon
The easiest way to submit a deck is to directly import it from the game. Go to Deck Import and fill out the two boxes and click Import Deck. Thats's all there is to it.
Deck Builder icon
You can build a deck using the new deck builder. Go to Deck Builder and build your deck from scratch.
Manual icon
Note that this is the most difficult way to create a deck, but also the most flexible. If you are new to editing a wiki please use either of the methods above. This method involves editing raw wikitext and you will need to type card names in manually. To manually create a deck go to Create Deck Manually.

Don't Forget

After you have created your deck using one of the above methods you still need to add it to the deck lists. Do this by going to Deck List Editor.

That's it for submitting new decks, for editing existing decks see Editing Decks.

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