The Store is a part of Magic: The Gathering Arena where you can purchase card Packs using either Gold or Gems . You can also purchase Gems, and redeem Codes.

Purchase PacksEdit

You can choose to purchase packs from any of the available sets , currently: Dominaria , Rivals of Ixalan , Ixalan , Hour of Devastation , and Amonkhet . All sets cost the same, and can be purchased with either in-game currency; Gold or Gems. You can only purchase one Pack with Gold, and you can only purchase bundles of Packs with Gems.

There is no confirmation system set, so if you have enough currency to purchase a Pack or a bundle, you will immediately purchase when you click an option in the Store. You cannot refund a purchased pack.

Purchase GemsEdit

Gems can be purchased with real money. Currently available methods of payment transaction include VISA and MasterCard.

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