Name Scampering Scorcher
Mana Cost C3Color R
Converted Mana Cost 4
Types Creature — Elemental
Text When Scampering Scorcher enters the battlefield, create two 1/1 red Elemental creature tokens. Elementals you control gain haste until end of turn. (They can attack and Mana Tap this turn.)
Flavor "Keep your flammables out of reach."

—Kerin, watch sergeant

P/T (1/1)
Expansion M20U Core Set 2020
Rarity Uncommon
Scampering Scorcher
Card rulings (?)
2019-07-12 Scampering Scorcher’s ability affects only Elementals you control as the ability resolves (after creating the Elemental tokens). This means that those tokens and Scampering Scorcher itself will gain haste. Elementals you begin to control later in the turn won’t gain haste.
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