In the Magic Arena game a player is you or your opponent. There are only two player formats in Magic Arena, no multiplayer formats where there are more than two players are available.

Comprehensive Rules Glossary (April 17, 2020)

One of the people in the game. See rule 102, “Players.”

Comprehensive Rules (April 17, 2020)

  • 102. Players
    • 102.1. A player is one of the people in the game. The active player is the player whose turn it is. The other players are nonactive players.
    • 102.2. In a two-player game, a player’s opponent is the other player.
    • 102.3. In a multiplayer game between teams, a player’s teammates are the other players on their team, and the player’s opponents are all players not on their team.
    • 102.4. A spell or ability may use the term “your team” as shorthand for “you and/or your teammates.” In a game that isn’t a multiplayer game between teams, “your team” means the same thing as “you.”
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