Name Plague Wight
Mana Cost C1Color B
Converted Mana Cost 2
Types Creature — Zombie
Text Whenever Plague Wight becomes blocked, each creature blocking it gets -1/-1 until end of turn.
Flavor For some goods, the best couriers are the dead.
P/T (2/1)
Expansion RNAC Ravnica Allegiance
Rarity Common
Plague Wight
Card rulings (?)
2019-01-25 An ability that triggers when a creature becomes blocked triggers only once if two or more creatures block it.
2019-01-25 If all creatures blocking Plague Wight die, Plague Wight remains blocked. It won’t assign any combat damage.
2019-01-25 If Plague Wight leaves the battlefield while its triggered ability is on the stack, the creatures that were blocking it before it left the battlefield get -1/-1.
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