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Name Ledev Guardian
Mana Cost C3.pngWhite
Converted Mana Cost 4
Types Creature — Human Knight
Text Convoke (Your creatures can help cast this spell. Each creature you tap while casting this spell pays for C1.png or one mana of that creature's color.)
Flavor "I've raised her since she was a pup, and she's raised me since I was a recruit."
P/T (2/4)
Expansion GRNC.png Guilds of Ravnica
Rarity Common

Ledev Guardian.png

Card rulings (?)
2018-10-05 You can tap an untapped creature you haven’t controlled continuously since the beginning of your most recent turn to convoke a spell.
2018-10-05 Convoke doesn’t change a spell’s mana cost or converted mana cost.
2018-10-05 When calculating a spell’s total cost, include any alternative costs, additional costs, or anything else that increases or reduces the cost to cast the spell. Convoke applies after the total cost is calculated.
2018-10-05 Because convoke isn’t an alternative cost, it can be used in conjunction with alternative costs.
2018-10-05 Tapping a multicolored creature using convoke will pay for C1.png or one mana of your choice of any of that creature’s colors.
2018-10-05 When using convoke to cast a spell with CX.png in its mana cost, first choose the value for X. That choice, plus any cost increases or decreases, will determine the spell’s total cost. Then you can tap creatures you control to help pay that cost. For example, if you cast Worldsoul Colossus (a spell with convoke and mana cost CX.pngGreenWhite) and choose X to be 3, the total cost is C3.pngGreenWhite. If you tap two green creatures and two white creatures, you’ll have to pay C1.png.
2018-10-05 If a creature you control has a mana ability with Tap in the cost, activating that ability while casting a spell with convoke will result in the creature being tapped before you pay the spell’s costs. You won’t be able to tap it again for convoke. Similarly, if you sacrifice a creature to activate a mana ability while casting a spell with convoke, that creature won’t be on the battlefield when you pay the spell’s costs, so you won’t be able to tap it for convoke.