Card No Longer Available
This card was removed from MTG Arena on Sept 27th 2018 as part of the open beta patch.
Name Kefnet the Mindful
Mana Cost C2Color U
Converted Mana Cost 3
Types Legendary Creature — God
Text Flying, indestructible

Kefnet the Mindful can't attack or block unless you have seven or more cards in hand.
C3Color U: Draw a card, then you may return a land you control to its owner's hand.

P/T (5/5)
Expansion AKHM Amonkhet
Rarity Mythic Rare
Kefnet the Mindful
Card rulings (?)
2017-04-18 Once Kefnet has attacked or blocked, it will remain in combat even if the number of cards in your hand becomes six or fewer.
2017-04-18 While resolving Kefnet’s activated ability, you don’t choose which land to return to its owner’s hand (or whether you’ll return one at all) until you see the card you draw.
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