Guilds of Ravnica is the tenth set in Magic: The Gathering Arena and the first in the Guilds of Ravnica block.


A list of cards can be found here, a card gallery here.

Release Date

Guilds of Ravnica was added to MTG Arena as part of the September 27th 2018 open beta game update.[1] The paper card set will be released on October 5, 2018.[2]

Themes & Mechanics

The guilds of Selesnya (green-white Color GColor W), Boros (red-white Color RColor W), Golgari (black-green Color BColor G), Izzet (blue-red Color UColor R), and Dimir (blue-black Color UColor B) will be featured.

The following mechanics were announced on August 30, 2018:[3][4]

Convoke is a static keyword ability that lets you tap creatures rather than pay mana to cast a spell.
Convoke in Guilds of Ravnica is exclusive to the Color GColor W Selesnya guild.
When a creature with Mentor attacks, you put a +1/+1 counter on an attacking creature with less power.
Mentor is the mechanic linked to the Color RColor W Boros guild.
Surveil is similar to Scry, but instead of putting cards on the bottom of your library, they go to your graveyard.
Surveil is the mechanic linked to the Color UColor B Dimir guild.
You can play Instants and Sorceries with Jump-Start from your graveyard by discarding another card, paying mana and exiling the spell.
Jump-Start is the mechanic linked to the Color UColor R Izzet guild.
Undergrowth abilities care about the number of creatures in your graveyard.
Undergrowth is the mechanic linked to the Color BColor G Golgari guild.
  • Split Cards
Guild themed spells with two halves on the top face. Each half can be cast individually.
  • Hybrid Mana
Casting costs that can be payed by either of two colors.

GNR mechanics sneak peek

Screenshot from Weekly MTG: First Look at GRN Mechanics, Aug 31, 2018[5]

Alternate Card Art

With Guilds of Ravnica cards with alternate art (apart from basic lands) were introduced to Magic Arena.


Magic The Gathering – Guilds of Ravnica Official Trailer

Magic The Gathering – Guilds of Ravnica Official Trailer

Preview Artwork

GRN keyart


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