Guilds Illustration

The ten Guild crests

The Guilds are ten factions on the city plane of Ravnica. Each Guild is linked to a certain color pair. In paper Magic: The Gathering the Guilds exist since the original Ravnica set (2005). In Magic: The Gathering Arena the Guilds were firstly featured with Guilds of Ravnica.

Details Edit

Apart from the vast lore the single names for each Guild are often used to describe the color combination of a dual-colored deck.
For example, if somebody talks about a "Dimir" deck, the deck is blue-black (Color UColor B).

Name Colors Mechanics Crest
Azorius Senate Color WColor U white-blue Addendum Guild Azorius
Orzhov Syndicate Color WColor B white-black Afterlife Guild Orzhov
House Dimir Color UColor B blue-black Surveil Guild Dimir
Izzet League Color UColor R blue-red Jump-Start Guild Izzet
Rakdos Cult Color BColor R black-red Spectacle Guild Rakdos
Golgari Swarm Color BColor G black-green Undergrowth Guild Golgari
Gruul Clans Color GColor R green-red Riot Guild Gruul
Boros Legion Color WColor R white-red Mentor Guild Boros
Selesnya Conclave Color WColor G white-green Convoke Guild Selesnya
Simic Combine Color UColor G blue-green Adapt Guild Simic

Ravnican Guilds

Guild Azorius AzoriusGuild Orzhov OrzhovGuild Dimir DimirGuild Izzet IzzetGuild Rakdos Rakdos
Guild Golgari GolgariGuild Gruul GruulGuild Boros BorosGuild Selesnya SelesnyaGuild Simic Simic

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