Name Forever Young
Mana Cost C1Color B
Converted Mana Cost 2
Types Sorcery
Text Put any number of target creature cards from your graveyard on top of your library.

Draw a card.

Flavor Those who say you only live once have never been touched by the Cauldron of Eternity.
Expansion ELDC Throne of Eldraine
Rarity Common
Forever Young
Card rulings (?)
2019-10-04 You choose the order that the creature cards are put on top of your library. You don’t have to reveal this order to other players. Whichever ends up on top will be the card you draw.
2019-10-04 You can cast Forever Young with no targets if you just want to draw a card.
2019-10-04 If you choose any target creature cards and they are all illegal targets by the time Forever Young tries to resolve, the spell won’t resolve. You won’t draw a card.
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