Card No Longer Available
This card was removed from MTG Arena on Sept 27th 2018 as part of the open beta patch.
Name Dubious Challenge
Mana Cost C3Color G
Converted Mana Cost 4
Types Sorcery
Text Look at the top ten cards of your library, exile up to two creature cards from among them, then shuffle your library. Target opponent may choose one of the exiled cards and put it onto the battlefield under their control. Put the rest onto the battlefield under your control.
Expansion KLDR Kaladesh
Rarity Rare
Dubious Challenge
Card rulings (?)
2016-09-20 The creature cards you exile are face up. Your opponent can see them while deciding whether to take one and which to take.
2016-09-20 You may choose to exile only one creature card. If you do, the target opponent chooses who gets the card.
2016-09-20 You may choose to exile no creature cards, even if there are one or more among the top ten cards of your library.
2016-09-20 The cards that you look at but don’t exile never leave your library. They’re shuffled along with the rest of your library.
2016-09-20 In a multiplayer game, you must choose the target opponent before you look at your top ten cards and decide what to exile.
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