Name Dovin's Acuity
Mana Cost C1Color WColor U
Converted Mana Cost 3
Types Enchantment
Text When Dovin's Acuity enters the battlefield, you gain 2 life and draw a card.

Whenever you cast an instant spell during your main phase, you may return Dovin's Acuity to its owner's hand.

Flavor Dovin ticked the Planeswalkers off on his fingers: himself, Domri, Kaya, Ral, Vraska . . . and Bolas made an even six.
Expansion RNAU Ravnica Allegiance
Rarity Uncommon
Dovin's Acuity
Card rulings (?)
2019-01-25 The second ability of Dovin’s Acuity resolves before the spell that caused it to trigger. It resolves even if that spell is countered.
2019-01-25 The second ability of Dovin’s Acuity triggers only if it’s on the battlefield. It won’t return from your graveyard.
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