Name Desperate Lunge
Mana Cost C1Color W
Converted Mana Cost 2
Types Instant
Text Target creature gets +2/+2 and gains flying until end of turn. You gain 2 life.
Flavor Ravnica held its breath as the hero of the resistance—their last hope—flew through the sky, his dark sword ready to strike a god.
Expansion WARC War of the Spark
Rarity Common
Desperate Lunge
Card rulings (?)
2019-05-03 If the target creature is an illegal target by the time Desperate Lunge tries to resolve, the spell doesn’t resolve. You don’t gain 2 life.
2019-05-03 A creature gaining flying after it has been blocked by a creature without flying or reach won’t remove the blocking creature from combat or cause the creature it blocked to become unblocked.
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