Card No Longer Available
This card was removed from MTG Arena on Sept 27th 2018 as part of the open beta patch.
Name Cryptic Serpent
Mana Cost C5Color UColor U
Converted Mana Cost 7
Types Creature — Serpent
Text This spell costs C1 less to cast for each instant and sorcery card in your graveyard.
Flavor It slithers through the senses, constricting consciousness and poisoning perceptions.
P/T (6/5)
Expansion AKHU Amonkhet
Rarity Uncommon
Cryptic Serpent
Card rulings (?)
2017-04-18 Cryptic Serpent’s ability doesn’t change its mana cost or converted mana cost. It just reduces the cost to cast the spell.
2017-04-18 A split card only counts once for Cryptic Serpent’s ability, even if it’s both an instant and a sorcery.
2017-04-18 Cryptic Serpent’s ability can’t reduce its cost to less than Color UColor U.
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