Cosmetics are optional ways to change the appearance of Magic: The Gathering Arena. They were introduced to Arena with the update on March 27, 2019. Cosmetics can be purchased through the store (both single or as bundles), directly in the deck builder or are granted as rewards in events or for achieving a specific rank in seasons. Some can be unlocked by redeeming codes.[1]

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Avatar selection screen, March 2019

Avatars represent a player on the battlefield. They do not affect gameplay but give players an option to add a little flair to the games' graphics. A new account has access to twelve free avatars. With the patch on March 27, 2019 single additional avatars can be unlocked/purchased.[2] Avatars can be changed in the "Profile" tab. Some resemble actual playable cards, others just use the art of well-known characters, oftentimes Planeswalkers.
Avatar Unlocked Cost
Ajani Goldmane free -
Chandra Nalaar free -
Gideon Jura free -
Jace Beleren free -
Jaya Ballard free -
Karn free -
Liliana Vess free -
Nissa Revane free -
Sarkhan Vol free -
Teferi free -
Tezzeret free -
Vivien Reid free -
Angrath Store 500 Gem or 3000 Gold
Huatli Store 500 Gem or 3000 Gold
Vannifar Store: Guild Bundles
(Simic: Evolution Bundle)
3000 Gem
Kaya Store: Guild Bundles
(Orzhov: Opulent Bundle)
3000 Gem
Vraska Store: Guild Bundles
(Golgari: Reborn Bundle)
3000 Gem
Dovin Baan Store: Guild Bundles
(Azorius: Order Bundle)
3000 Gem
Trostani Store: Guild Bundles
(Selesnya: United Bundle)
3000 Gem
Lazav Store: Guild Bundles
(Dimir: Secret Bundle)
3000 Gem
Domri Rade Store: Guild Bundles
(Gruul: Smash Bundle)
3000 Gem
Ral Zarek Store: Guild Bundles
(Izzet: Innovation Bundle)
3000 Gem
Aurelia Store: Guild Bundles
(Boros: Valor Bundle)
3000 Gem
Rakdos Store: Guild Bundles
(Rakdos: Carnage Bundle)
3000 Gem

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