Name Cindervines
Mana Cost Color RColor G
Converted Mana Cost 2
Types Enchantment
Text Whenever an opponent casts a noncreature spell, Cindervines deals 1 damage to that player.

C1, Sacrifice Cindervines: Destroy target artifact or enchantment. Cindervines deals 2 damage to that permanent's controller.

Expansion RNAR Ravnica Allegiance
Rarity Rare
Card rulings (?)
2019-01-25 Cindervines’s triggered ability resolves before the spell that caused it to trigger. It resolves even if that spell is countered.
2019-01-25 If the target permanent is an illegal target by the time Cindervines’s activated ability tries to resolve, the ability doesn’t resolve. No player is dealt damage. If the target is legal but not destroyed (most likely because it has indestructible), its controller is dealt damage.
2019-01-25 Cindervines can be the target of its own activated ability. The ability won’t resolve since it won’t have a legal target, and no player will be dealt damage, but this does allow you to sacrifice Cindervines without another enchantment to target if you want to.
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