Name Castle Garenbrig
Converted Mana Cost 0
Types Land
Text Castle Garenbrig enters the battlefield tapped unless you control a Forest.

Mana Tap: Add Color G.
C2Color GColor G, Mana Tap: Add six Color G. Spend this mana only to cast creature spells or activate abilities of creatures.

Flavor Without Garenbrig's strength, the realm would succumb to the wilds.
Expansion ELDR Throne of Eldraine
Rarity Rare
Castle Garenbrig
Card rulings (?)
2019-10-04 The mana generated by Castle Garenbrig’s last ability can’t be spent to activate abilities of creature cards that aren’t on the battlefield.
2019-10-04 Once the common lands (such as Mystic Sanctuary) enter the battlefield tapped, there’s no way to untap them with a spell or ability to make their last ability trigger.
2019-10-04 Although the common lands have basic land types, they aren’t basic lands.
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