Historic Card
This card can only be played in historic decks
Name Blinding Fog
Mana Cost C2.pngGreen
Converted Mana Cost 3
Types Instant
Text Prevent all damage that would be dealt to creatures this turn. Creatures you control gain hexproof until end of turn. (They can't be the targets of spells or abilities your opponents control.)
Flavor "I see you, shiny soldiers, but you won't see me."
Expansion XLNC.png Ixalan
Rarity Common

Blinding Fog.png

Card rulings (?)
2017-09-29 Blinding Fog prevents all damage that would be dealt to creatures, not just combat damage.
2017-09-29 Damage that would be dealt to creatures that enter the battlefield later in the turn will also be prevented. However, creatures that come under your control later in the turn won’t gain hexproof.
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