Historic Card
This card can only be played in historic decks
Name Bishop of the Bloodstained
Mana Cost C3Color BColor B
Converted Mana Cost 5
Types Creature — Vampire Cleric
Text When Bishop of the Bloodstained enters the battlefield, target opponent loses 1 life for each Vampire you control.
Flavor "They shall give us all they have as penance for their resistance. Their ships. Their goods. Their rebellious blood."
P/T (3/3)
Expansion XLNU Ixalan
Rarity Uncommon
Bishop of the Bloodstained
Card rulings (?)
2017-09-29 The number of Vampires you control is counted only as Bishop of the Bloodstained’s ability resolves. If Bishop of the Bloodstained is still on the battlefield, it’ll count itself.
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