Name Atemsis, All-Seeing
Mana Cost C3Color UColor UColor U
Converted Mana Cost 6
Types Legendary Creature — Sphinx
Text Flying

C2Color U, Mana Tap: Draw two cards, then discard a card.
Whenever Atemsis, All-Seeing deals damage to an opponent, you may reveal your hand. If cards with at least six different converted mana costs are revealed this way, that player loses the game.

P/T (4/5)
Expansion M20R Core Set 2020
Rarity Rare
Atemsis, All-Seeing
Card rulings (?)
2019-07-12 Every Magic card has exactly one converted mana cost. A card with no mana cost has a converted mana cost of 0, and 0 can be one of the six converted mana costs that count toward Atemsis’s ability.
2019-07-12 If a card in your hand has CX in its mana cost, the value of X is considered to be 0.
2019-07-12 The converted mana cost of a split card is determined by combining its two halves. For example, the converted mana cost of Fire//Ice in your hand is 4.
2019-07-12 If an effect causes you to play with your hand revealed, you can still reveal your hand as Atemsis’s last ability resolves. The ability works as normal.
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