Name All That Glitters
Mana Cost C1Color W
Converted Mana Cost 2
Types Enchantment — Aura
Text Enchant creature

Enchanted creature gets +1/+1 for each artifact and/or enchantment you control.

Flavor A faerie's glee at her trove quickly fades to contentment, then to boredom, then to an urge to steal more.
Expansion ELDU Throne of Eldraine
Rarity Uncommon
All That Glitters
Card rulings (?)
2019-10-04 Because All That Glitters is an enchantment, the enchanted creature usually gets at least +1/+1.
2019-10-04 A permanent that’s both an artifact and an enchantment is counted only once.
2019-10-04 You still control Auras that you put onto the battlefield attached to a permanent you don’t control.
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