Card No Longer Available
This card was removed from MTG Arena on Sept 27th 2018 as part of the open beta patch.
Name Accursed Horde
Mana Cost C3.pngBlack
Converted Mana Cost 4
Types Creature — Zombie
Text C1.pngBlack: Target attacking Zombie gains indestructible until end of turn. (Damage and effects that say "destroy" don't destroy it. If its toughness is 0 or less, it's still put into its owner's graveyard.)
P/T (3/3)
Expansion HOUU.png Hour of Devastation
Rarity Uncommon

Accursed Horde.png

Card rulings (?)
2017-07-14 Accursed Horde’s ability can target itself while it’s attacking.
2017-07-14 The target Zombie gains indestructible for the rest of the turn, even after it stops being an attacking creature.
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